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Some challenges faced by social entrepreneurs

social entrepreneur

These days there seems to be two separate worlds out there businesses working with businesses that work with other businesses and so on and then there's civil society individuals and organizations that want to make the world a better place. But here's the thing, these two worlds actually belong together and share one planet. In fact we are at a critical juncture where this shared planet faces multiple threats especially concerning people's health and well-being. 

In the long run, both business and society will suffer.This calls for a new approach, enabling society and business to prosper together, Social entrepreneurship does this. Social entrepreneurship connects two worlds that have been artificially separated creating benefits for both, for example, innovative thinking is needed to tackle key health care challenges availability, accessibility, awareness and affordability of health care to people everywhere.

Some social entrepreneurship companies are fighting against centuries-old problems like hundreds of thousands of children are used as slave labor they were considered and treated worse than animals and somebody has to take initiative to speak out.

After the fall of communism in Poland many people found the free market difficult they lost their homes and livelihood. Solution was creating self-help homes communities in which
people help themselves.

Here are some challenges faced by social entrepreneurship companies.

Social entrepreneurship means innovating by thinking and doing things differently. It involves collaboration across sectors to facilitate co-creation. For businesses this means collaborating with new types of partners such as NGOs and social innovators.

So, one thing should be clear by now - civil society and business need each other. Creating wins that benefit both business and society is possible. So let's explore innovative models of social entrepreneurship ideas.

Social entrepreneurs face all the challenges that commercial entrepreneurs face. The most problems faced in social entrepreneurship are talent challenge.The talent challenges means having the right people at the right time to help them build their enterprises. And actually to drive the impact that they're after, they face financial

resource challenges like getting the financial support at the different stages of the venture. Obviously starting up is lower cost proposition than then scaling along along the way so that's a significant challenge they face.

The challenges of governance and building the right board for each stages and often like entrepreneurs they start out with friends and family boards. At some point they really need to transition those so they should get the right kind of strategic guidance and the real fiduciary expertise that they need to so they face all the challenges that entrepreneurs face in addition to the evidence of social impact.

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