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How to generate great ideas?

This post is for frustrated people because you see other people come up with great ideas but you can't seem to come up with one. The truth is that great ideas are everywhere by the thousands and the right in plain sight. Here let us check how to find countless quality business ideas and the two tools you need to here are a pen, a notepad and a working brain. Unless you know what you're looking for ideas become invisible to most people but that's about to change after reading this post. 

if you pay close attention you'll notice that in essence most if not all businesses has something in common they all saw a problem and need a frustration or they make an existing product better. 
You should meet a better product in order to find great ideas and you need to train your mind to see opportunities and frustrations.
The secret to find out great ideas are to pay attention to your surroundings and notice opportunities. Start with your personal life have you ever felt frustrated about something do you ever wish there was a better way. There may be many others feeling the same way, your job as an
entrepreneur is to find problems and create solutions. look for people saying things like I hate how do I this sucks I don't like I need help I can't find I'm frustrated I wish there was find solutions to this complaints and you got yourself a business here.
Exactly what to do carry a small notepad and a pen or use your phone if you want to write down 10 ideas every single day force your brain to look at your endings and find problems needs or
potential improvements to already existing products and write down. 10 ideas every single day it doesn't matter how dumb or simple the problem or idea might sound just write it down. For example maybe you went to a restaurant and the service and food were crap yet the restaurant was full imagine what you could do if you start at a nearby a restaurant with incredible food and incredible service. 

Some people are smart and having great ideas but the wouldn’t like to go through all bickering business process. Then also you can make money by selling ideas.

Eventually you'll find an idea that gets you incredibly excited you're filling your gut and you'll wake up the next day anxious to get started those are the type of ideas that you need to look
further. Don't overthink things or don't spend too much time in the idea phase. Find something that excites you and go for it.

So what are you waiting for go out there and start finding treasures. 

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