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Siteground – A reliable and customer friendly webhosting service.

Siteground a reliable web hosting service

Siteground – A reliable and customer friendly web hosting service.

We were trying to find out a good hosting service for our new ordinary website project, which can easily be listed by search engines. According to our requirements, we examined two reliable services like bluehost and Siteground. We considered Bluehost because of their unlimited hosting offer and a great uptime equal to Siteground. Another great offer from Bluehost was a free domain name but we have already purchased one so this offer was not attractive for us. After a detailed study, we came to know that the bluehost unlimited is not unlimited but limited by some terms and conditions. We decide to stick on with Siteground by considering some other factors, which are suitable for our project. 

Siteground one of the reliable web hosting companies was founded by some IT enthusiast from their college dorm in 2004. Now siteground is one of the prominent players in the hosting industry with 300 employees and 800000 domain hosting. Site grounds philosophy is the craft with care means they are crafted for high quality customized services in order to meet the individual requirements of their clients.  There are different hosting packages offered by siteground like shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting and reseller hosting etc. to meet each and every client.  Here we will go through some of the good and useful advanced features with makes them one of the pioneers in the hosting industry.

There are so many hosting service providers are in the market even some free options are available. A paid and reliable hosting is more considered by search engines and thinks about a business without people.  Before paying for a hosting service clearly define your needs like how many visitors will be there in a month, the number of domains, email support or planning to upgrade after three months, etc. In case of siteground they will be providing all the essential features and even free https registration for basic plans. Check this link to know more features - Siteground

 siteground operates its data centre from three continents like North America, Europe and the Asia – Pacific region and at the time of hosting just select the location based on your sites majority users. Uptime and loading speed are two factors, which you have to consider before hosting. Uptime for siteground is 99.9% which you can check using free tools available online and they are having an efficient backup system than other web hosting services. As speed and reliability are two important factors deciding the search engine ranks, site ground has implemented super cashier tool. Super cache, this technology loads your website much faster than others in this industry. Siteground has implemented a very good monitoring system to detect issues and fix them fast. This monitoring system also predicts and informs issues before it happens to the site admins.

They are having a great customer support system and solving problems within minutes. They are not just fixing the problem but ensuring that you remain a customer for years. Siteground is one of the good, reliable and suggestible web hosting services and if you want to start hosting with them click here Siteground.

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